Increased energy cost and incentive programs are the core of the renewable energy boom in the United States. If it were not for incentive programs, most customers would not be willing to make the long term investment necessary to purchase a renewable energy system.

Unlike a traditional investment, everyone is paying a utility bill. So whether a person invests in a renewable energy system or pays their utility bill they will be making a payment one way or the other. The advantage to purchasing a renewable energy system is that ultimately the system will be paid for and the savings will begin.

Depending on the state, funding for these programs is derived from various sources. No matter where the incentive money comes from, all incentives have limited resources and therefore may expire or decrease over time.

For most programs, the first thing a customer must do is make a reservation for the incentive before purchasing any equipment. This guarantees the money will be paid after the job is completed. In some situations there is a fee for the application or a deposit if the system is larger than a given size and all reservations expire if not used within a certain time frame.


Wind turbine incentives are a fixed dollar amount based on the turbine size. Some incentives derate the turbine size for energy losses in the conversion process from the DC to AC current. Other turbines are AC turbines and have no derating factor.

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