Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar installations can range from 5kW to 1 megawatt and greater. Energy Options takes great pride in educating their customers on the latest technologies and providing step by step instruction and support through the entire purchasing and installation process:

Energy Options' Pre-sales Process

  1. Perform a solar energy audit and site evaluation
  2. Engineer an optimal system based on energy usage
  3. Educate the customer on the financial and environmental benefits
  4. Show purchase terms: Cash, Financing, Standard Lease, Operating Lease

Energy Options' Post-sales Process

  1. Apply for all required permits and conditional use permits
  2. Assist in application processes for incentives and tax credits
  3. Assist in implementing purchase terms
  4. Recommend licensed electricians to install the products
  5. Implement energy conservation methods where applicable
  6. Design backup power and facility automation systems if applicable
  7. Provide customer training service and support


Commercial solar photovoltaic systems are eligible for a one time Federal Tax Credit amounting to 30% of the total system cost. Credits can be carried one year back and twenty years forward. That means a $1M system earns $300,000 in Federal Tax credits that can be taken in one years or spanned across twenty-one.


Each utility company has it own incentive program, these programs provide cash incentives ranging from 5% to 25% of the system’s total cost, for a more extensive list of incentives and details click on the incentive menu to the right.


REC’s are certificate that are issued to a renewable energy system once it is installed. These credits can be sold on an open market much like a commodity.


The entire cost of the solar system can be depreciated over 5 years and is property tax exempt.


The combined benefits of cash incentive, tax credits and depreciation make any commercial solar investment a risk free proposition with 6-7 year payback.

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