Residential Solar installations can vary in size and in the way the panels are mounted. Sometimes mounting flush on the roof is best; sometimes pole mounted tracking systems are better.

Energy Options takes great pride in educating their customers on the latest technologies and providing step by step instruction and support through the entire purchasing and installation process:

1. Energy Options' Pre-sales Process:
a) Perform a solar energy audit and site evaluation
b) Engineer an optimal system based on energy usage
c) Educate the customer on the financial and environmental benefits

2. After the job is awarded Energy Options will:
a) Apply for all required permits
b) Assist in application processes for incentives and tax credits
c) Recommend licensed electricians to install the products
d) Recommend traditional energy conservation methods where applicable
e) Provide customer training, service and support

Most utility companies have a solar incentive program, these programs provide cash incentives are around $0.50 a watt, for a more extensive list of incentives and details click on the incentive menu to the right.

Residential solar photovoltaic systems are eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Credit. Credits can be carried back 1 year and forward 20 years. This tax credit offer will expire in 2016.

If the home is used for business purposes then a portion of the system cost can be depreciated over 5 years.

Solar systems are property tax exempt in California and Ohio.

The combined benefits of energy savings, cash incentives and tax credits make any residential solar investment a low risk proposition with a short payback. For a free estimate customized to your needs click on the Free Estimate link above or call us at (661) 209-7987.